LBJ-668 | Teach in a Summer Camp in Spain, 1000€/month

LBJ-668 | Teach in a Summer Camp in Spain, 1000€/month

21 mar
Canterbury English
Milano Provincia

21 mar

Canterbury English

Milano Provincia

Summer in Spain Lifestyle Program. One week, end June, Kids Summer Camp Specialized TEFL Certificate (for those who have TEFL) or a four week for four weeks and ends on the last Friday of June.

You will have Saturday free and will travel to the summer camp on Sunday and you will start teaching Monday morning in the summer camp.


Program Cost: 700


700 (paid before the course starts)

-1000 (your salary July)

= you earn 300 after the program cost is paid if you only teach in July

-1000 (your salary August)

= you earn 1300 after the program cost is paid if you teach in July and August

Food and lodging expenses are included in July/August,

but not travel expenses and not accommodation in June.


Much of the time spent with campers will be enjoying activities including games in the outdoors, hiking and trekking, swimming, music and drama. This provides a great and unique opportunity to meet new people and make new friends for both the kids and the instructors.

The camp is all day, from breakfast at 9am in the morning until bedtime at night, but there is time to rest Importante Azienda the day, because there are many instructors and you take turns for breaks and siestas.

In the camps, there is one instructor for every 4 or 5 children. The tasks to be performed would be English classes in the morning and for the rest of the day games, being with the kids at the swimming pool, taking them on nature hikes, canoeing, archery, drama productions, etc.

If you have a particular skill, such as playing the guitar, singing, crafts making, playing any other instrument, juggling, etc, then this will be very welcome.

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