[Z-364] Commodity Buyer Job

[Z-364] Commodity Buyer Job

22 mag

22 mag



Breganze, Veneto

FUNCTION: Purchasing

POSITION TITLE: Commodity Buyer (Direct Material)

REPORTS TO: Manager Purchasing



A Commodity Buyer will be responsible for establishing contracts and ensuring the cost effective supply of a commodity category or group of commodities. The Commodity Buyer will have full responsibility for his/her commodities and will report into Manager Purchasing who will be responsible for a larger grouping of related commodities. Within the context of the supply, the Commodity Buyer will work to drive the following objectives:

- Optimize costs while meeting Engineering and Product Management specifications/requirements

- Ensure consistent supply to AGCO operations

This position will interact with numerous functions within the organization. Specific duties of the Commodity Buyer include:

- Implementing AGCO’s Strategic Sourcing process to identify, select and contract AGCO’s supply partners

- Developing and implementing a Commodity Management strategy

- Establishing Supplier Development programs to maximize value from incumbents and to identify and establish alternate suppliers

- Working with Product Management, Engineering Global Purchasing Organization with the New Product Introduction process


- Successfully contracting suppliers to provide AGCO with cost-optimized commodities

- Develop Commodity Strategy according to the new Global Organization: Assist Purchasing Managers and GCM (Global Commodity Buyer s) in the development and execution of long-term supply strategy, landed cost modeling, supplier opportunity assessments, supplier financial analysis, make/buy analyses, negotiations and long-term contract establishment including Long Terms Agreements (LTA ) and Agco Cost Reduction Expectations (ACRE); Develop a solid working knowledge of certain commodity trends including: industry trends, cost drivers, global pricing, material lead times, and technical/manufacturing processes

- Use of the Strategic Sourcing process when appropriate to test pricing in the supply market and establish best cost contracts (Total cost of ownership)

- Establish Supplier Development processes including the coordination and support on-site supplier assessment / certification audits and continuous improvement activities that drive down total cost

- Investigate and inform Global Commodity/Purchasing Managers about new and/or alternate sources of supply as necessary to support new product development, cost reduction requirements, and/or supplier performance issues

- Purchasing Price Variance (PPV)

- % of Suppliers under contract

- % of contracts with LTA

- Supplier Scorecard


- Support establishment of target costs within new projects and ensure that these costs are achieved at start of production

- Manage NPI sourcing to meet overall new product schedule

- Component costs as a % of target costs

- Component availability vs. Project Schedule


Ensuring quality components are provided to AGCO

- Supplier PPM and Warranty costs


Systems update and data integrity

- Accuracy of commodity information in supporting IT systems


Perform special projects as required in support of departmental objectives.

- Performance against Project Targets


Supporting planning materials when necessary.


Commodity Buyer


Responsible for one or more commodities

Spend Responsibility

5 – 20M Euro

Number of Active Part #s


Number of Active Suppliers

30 - 50

Note: Individual CB roles may deviate from activity ranges (e.g. CB may have fewer parts, but at a higher spend value). Average for the CB population should fall within the above ranges



Commodity Buyer s are expected to have strong awareness of their products, the markets they purchase from, their competition, as well as advanced analytical skills to enable the design and implementation of their commodity strategies. In terms of the required skill levels from the Competency Matrix, the profile for meets expectation for a Commodity Buyer is listed below:


Commodity Buyer will typically not have direct managerial responsibilities. The required Leadership Skills will focus on their ability to fulfill a leadership position among supply chain partners and within cross-functional teams. The Leadership profile of a Commodity Buyer based on the Competency Matrix is listed below:


Commodity Buyer s need strong analytical skills to enable a fact-based problem solving approach in dealing with supply chain issues such as: price increase requests, currency fluctuations, dealing with raw material cost cycles, cross-functional conflicts


The Commodity Buyer impacts the business primarily along the following dimensions:

- Cost of products: CB is able to influence the cost of the product sold by AGCO which ultimately will lead to cost competitiveness in the marketplace and margin definition

- Supply of products: CB is responsible for establishing and maintaining a consistent supply base who can meet AGCO’s needs from a volume, timing/delivery and inventory perspective. All of these factors must be considered in a total cost of ownership estimation

- Quality of products: As part of the supplier selection and development process, the CB is responsible to developing a supply base that provide goods and services with a level of quality consistent of that which AGCO projects into the markets that they operate in.


The Commodity Buyer will impact the following areas/functions:

- Pricing/Marketing: Enabling competitive pricing relative to the competition will allow Pricing and Marketing to position the products in the market where they have a chance to compete within the target segments and enable a profitable margin

- Manufacturing: Consistent/timely supply of parts/goods will help enable an optimized manufacturing process (optimized working capital/inventory levels, minimize shortages and re-work caused by low quality parts by working with suppliers to ensure consistent delivery of quality parts).

- Quality: suppliers selection according with the quality area requirements Part per Million (PPM)


Very good written and spoken communications skills in Italian and English language (a third language is a plus).

Very good Negotiation/contracting skill is required in order to conduct multiple rounds of negotiations to explore business value..

The focus here is to ensure a level of competency exists as to enable the communication of fact-based arguments to both internal and external teams as to enable logical recommendations.


In addition to the previously described competency proficiency levels, a general overview of the AGCO Commodity Buyer is as follows:

- Ideally 4+ years of experience in a purchasing and/or purchasing-related role; preferably in a manufacturing environment

- Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft office suite software including Excel, Word and PowerPoint; MS Project experience is beneficial, but not required

- Commodity buyers have to be ready and able to travel globally

- University, College degree required; additional benefits with academic training in business, economics and/or engineering

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