Contract Installation Manager (CIM) (N-340)

Contract Installation Manager (CIM) (N-340)

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Inverness Technologies Inc
Vicenza Provincia

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Inverness Technologies Inc

Vicenza Provincia

The SFL-TAP Contractor Installation Manager (CIM) is responsible to the Contractor's Program

Manager (PM) for the efficient and effective operation of the SFL-TAP Center and compliance with the

terms of the contract. The SFL-TAP CIM serves as the leader of the SFL-TAP contract team and will also

work as advisor/counselor to assist clients with navigating the VOW/CRS mandates to become Career

Ready and to track progress of transitioner in TAPXXI. The CIM is also a component of the installation

SFL-TAP infrastructure and is thus responsible for providing SFL-TAP services to eligible individuals

and complying. Although not an exhaustive listing, the CIM's duties include, but are not limited to, the


- Manage all aspects of the SFL-TAP operations.

- Coordinate, and ensure VOW/CRS courses are conducted in accordance to PWS.

- Maintain the SFL-TAP Center's reference library.

- Assist with marketing the SFL-TAP.

- Be assigned as the Contractor's primary point of contact with the Government at the installation level.

- Effectively and efficiently manage the personnel, and materials provided by the contractor.

- Coordinate site visits by contractor headquarters staff members. Inform TSM and assist TSM in making necessary arrangements.

- Prepare contractor required monthly reports and administrative documents.

- Serve as the contractor's personnel manager for hiring, training, directing, evaluating, and disciplining of contract employees.

- Serve as the contractor's intermediary for communications with the Installation Commander and his or her representatives.

- Plan and direct employer outreach programs.

- Ensure Preseparation Briefings are scheduled and properly executed.

- Ensure that the Preseparation Counseling Checklist (DD Form 2648/DD2648-1) and CAPSTONE

- (DD2958) is completed for each transitioning client.

- Safeguard and monitor all automated equipment, including hardware and software (both contractordesigned and off-the-shelf), plus verification and accountability of these systems.

- Perform follow-up on individual transition plans as appropriate.

- Create an effective working relationship with Commanders, installation staff and leaders, and Service

- Providers.

- Comply with installation rules and regulations applying to the operation of any facility including regulations applying to, but not limited to: safety, security, and energy conservation.

- Participate in marketing and public affairs activities.

- Personally provide high quality transition and counseling services to SFL-TAP Center clients:

- Conduct Preseparation Briefings and VOW/CRS events that are contracted to perform.

- Coach and guide separating military personnel to the completion of the Preseparation Counseling

- Checklist (DD Form 2648).

- Review the Preseparation Counseling Checklist (DD Form 2648) for accuracy, completion, signature and date.

- Sign and date Preseparation Counseling Checklist (DD Form 2648).

- Provide individual transition and job assistance counseling to clients with a specific focus on facilitating the transition from the military environment to the civilian stateside environment.

- Other duties: complete all mandatory Government training; safeguard PII; file records according to

- ARIMS; upload information into iPERMS (after training received from Govt); participate in and host sustainment training events offered by parent Company

- Help clients use the automated and non-automated resources effectively. Provide instruction on automated tools to include TAPXXI and Resume Writer.

- As a counseling staff member, support the goals of the Program by accurately updating the SFL-TAPMIS client progress screen on a timely basis.

- Review work performed in TAPXXI by counseling staff; also, review progress of transitioning clients and work with Government representatives whenever issues with Commanders prevent transitioning clients from using SFL-TAP program

Education and Experience Requirements:

Master's in Counseling, Training and Development, Human Resources Management, Counseling or

related field and two years' experience in career counseling, education or related field. Experience

managing personnel at one or more sites. Ability to meet and correspond regularly with a Government

counterpart. Specific experience coordinating transition activities with the local SFL-TAP TSM to

support overall mission goals. Accountable for ensuring requirements accomplished in accordance with

the PWS/ PRS and completed on time at all sites. Responsible for safeguarding confidential information

or sensitive nature. Responsible for key control. Experience handling PII and complying with the Privacy

Act and all applicable agency regulations on individual privacy, to include DoD Directive 5400.

Experience conducting QC checks and ensuring training requirements are met. Experience working

directly with clients. Ability to exercise a great deal of independent judgment.

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