[KJ-248] - Operations Planner

[KJ-248] - Operations Planner

14 gen
Sawdey Solution Services, Inc.
Napoli Provincia

14 gen

Sawdey Solution Services, Inc.

Napoli Provincia

The Operations Planner shall provide on-site analyst services to the Current and Future Requirements and Strategy Section of the Commander Navy Region in support of its contingency location policy development. Support services includes the collection, development, editing, and synthesis of requirements to assist the government in analyzing new or existing doctrine, policies, or other governing documentation; and assist with the development and execution of operational plans.

Additional Responsibilities Include, but are not Limited To:

- Plan, coordinate,

and execute data collection through analytical dissemination and trend analysis to ensure effective integration of information amongst various Federal agencies and host nation representatives to support analysis projects.

- Analyze data to determine available base capacity for all non-tenant commands requesting base support for short-term operations.

- Analyze second and third order program effects and provide risk assessments and recommendations to base leadership.

- Provide current operations analytical services in support of the day to day collection, development, and analysis of mission support functionality.

- Analyze data provided through working groups, planning meetings, conferences, and other information sources defining solutions to problems and issues related to capacity to inform government leadership.

- Organize information collected, aggregate, synthesize, and provide final products for incorporation into Standard Operating Procedures, Instructions, White Papers, Strategic Business Plans, or other similarly entitled products.

- Coordinate with government to mutually agree upon Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM) for each analysis project and to prioritize projects.

- Conduct analysis to support the development of operations plans and strategies including description of the operation, identification of work to be done (planning tasks), budget projections, and POAM.

- Identify planning limitations, budgetary shortfalls, and issues or problems impacting the exercise.

- Assist the staff to identify mission-focused training objectives satisfying the Commander's mission/training requirements and integrate them into exercise design.

- Assist the scheduling, planning, and facilitating Headquarters operations planning conferences and other planning events as required achieve desired exercise objectives and end states. Participate as an active team member in any such planning conferences.

- Attend all relevant planning meetings, conferences, and exercise events, and provide analysis in support of the outcomes sought.

- Assist with proposal development, if necessary.

- Perform other duties, as assigned.


- Must have previous experience in the following:

- Development of operations plans and strategies

- Collecting and analyzing automated and manual data collection systems related to operational activity.

- Analyze second and third order program effects and provide risk assessments and recommendations

- Participating in strategy and future planning meetings to support host nation engagement activities.

- Supporting meetings, taking meeting minutes, preparing presentations, tracking action items, etc.


- Bachelor’s degree and four (4) years of specialized experience or a High School diploma and eight (8) years of specialized experience.

Other Required Skills & Abilities:

- Must be able to effectively communicate with customer and fulfill all duties and responsibilities as listed in the contract.

- Must be proficient in Microsoft Office suite including, but not limited to: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.

Security Clearance: Top Secret security clearance required.

US Citizenship: This position supports a U.S. Government Contract whose terms require Sawdey Solution Services to staff it only with U.S. Citizens.

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